A Sunday morning in Madronita

Posted by Ken Campbell October 14, 2012 1 Comment 1154 views

We’re staying out near Longbranch, not far from the end of the Key Peninsula, at a house called Madronita. (You can stay here too… in fact, I’d recommend it.) Sipping my morning coffee, looking out across the fog-shrouded passage between Anderson and McNeil Islands, I was thumbing through the Rockwell Kent classic, “Wilderness,” when some lines from the preface caught my eye…
“Go, young men to grow wise and wise men to stay young, not West nor East nor North nor South, but anywhere that men are not. For we all need, profoundly, to maintain ourselves… against the forces of the day we live in – to be at last less products of a culture than the makers of it. There, in that wilderness so anciently unchanged it might have seen a hundred cultures flower and die, there realize – you must – that what is you, what feels and fears and hungers and exalts, is ancient as the wilderness itself, rich as the wilderness and kin to it.”

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