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Posted by Ken Campbell October 15, 2011 0 Comment 1538 views

I just got back from my morning paddle. Up to the point and back, going with the current on the way there and bucking it (on purpose), on the return. I was out there for about an hour, with a white platter moon hanging over my shoulder and water calm as polished glass sliding under the board. It’s 5:50am.
With colder weather on the way, I won’t be barefoot on the SUP much. This is the time of year when we either go looking for more insulation, or a flight to Costa Rica. Much as I want the latter – oh, how I want it – my destiny seems the type that will require more insulation. I’ve gone back to my normal winter wear, polypro and fleece, wool socks, with a layer of Gore Tex over everything.
On my feet, however, I wear a pair of Nomads. The Nomad, by Kokatat, is a lightweight mukluk with a waterproof, breathable gaiter that comes up to just below the knee. It weighs very little but protects very much. The footbed is fairly stiff, thick enough to provide comfort walking on a rocky, barnacle beach but thin enough to allow for good sensation and foot movement, which is critical on a SUP. The shock cord lacing system is quick and easy to step into and the bungee at the top keeps the gaiter from falling during use. The foot area is 3mm double lined neoprene and the gaiter is made out of Tropos, Kokatat’s proprietary waterproof, breathable fabric.
I used to use a different brand of mukluk in the winter – it’s not important which one – and while it was effective at keeping water out, it was heavy and extremely slow to dry if the inside did get wet. The Nomad dries quickly and is so comfortable, I hardly know they are there. Until I step from the board into 18 inches of Pacific Northwest water at 5 in the morning, and my feet feel like they are in Costa Rica.
(If you paddle a kayak, canoe or a board during the winter, you already want a pair of Nomads, even if you don’t realize it yet. To order them, just give me a call at 253.691.7941. It’s not going to get any warmer for a while.)

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