A Rare evening paddle

Posted by Ken Campbell May 25, 2012 0 Comment 1037 views
It was breezy yesterday evening, but sunny. If it weren’t for the wind, the temperature might have actually been considered “warm.” 
I had the chance to meet up with John Inch for a SUP paddle down on the Foss, and I took it. We cheated up into the wind at the start, ducking into the marinas and behind the bigger yachts to stay out of the gale, making progress, slowly but steadily. It’s something of a game, really, trying to find the route that will get you farther on with the least amount of pain and effort.
Eventually we cut out into the main channel and faced the force that we had been avoiding. A stout wind, barreling down out of the bay and straight up the waterway, directly in our faces. We did battle for a while, but soon made the decision to turn and take the downwind run back to the dock. With the wind at our backs now, and a rolling swell pushing us along, we covered to return distance in a matter of minutes.
Then to the pub for a pint and a snack. Good conversation and the chance to catch up with life, the universe and everything. And I still had time to make it home for a fire on the deck and story time with the boy. An evening well spent.

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