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Posted by Ken Campbell January 29, 2013 0 Comment 1308 views

We got back from San Francisco on Sunday night. It wasn’t exactly “hot” in the Bay area, but it was warmer than the Pacific Northwest. More importantly, it was sunny and the blue of the sky was so clean it hurt my eyes. I see why people love it there.

The symposium was good. Not great, but good. (I say this as someone who didn’t paddle, and I wish now that I had. The water looked amazing and the skill level of the paddlers there would have made for some great rock-gardening and wave-hopping games of water tag. I was in the film-showing mode and I should have stepped outside that role for part of the time, at least.) With that said, I’m very glad we went.

Now, however, the attention shifts full-time to the Ikkatsu Kickstarter campaign and showing the current film all over the Northwest. We have had a very slow start with the contributions and although it’s far too early in the process to get manic about it, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about whether we’re going to get to the amount we need to make this next film. We’ve got a lot in mind for this year but it’s hard to see any of it happening unless we can get funding. 

So I guess this is a cry for help. If you’ve already contributed to the campaign, we thank you. If you’ve been considering a contribution, we would ask that you click on the appropriate button and make it happen. There is much work to be done and a story to be told; take a minute and help to tell it. 
We’ve put together a great selection of thank-you rewards for your donation to the cause but, more importantly, you will have our sincere gratitude.

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