A long time coming

Posted by Ken Campbell September 17, 2012 0 Comment 1127 views
I don’t really want to talk about Amber Steim anymore. Neither does her defense attorney, apparently.
An agreement has been reached between the defense and the prosecution that Ms. Steim is on the hook for 72 months for smashing her car into Ellen DeBondt’s truck in March of 2011. She’s pleading guilty to vehicular homicide and making an Alford Plea on the matter of witness tampering (which is another legalese two-step that allows her to maintain her innocence even though she acknowledges that there’s probably plenty of evidence to convict her on the charge.)
There is going to be a sentancing hearing in PA this morning, where friends and family can address the court and try to convey some feeling of the loss they’ve suffered and how the complete lack of remorse or accountability on Steim’s part has made the coping process all the more difficult. Steim’s attorney has voiced concern about this hearing, saying he has no interest in sitting and listening to people tear his client down for four hours. 
Intercourse him, I’d say. I know he thinks he’s doing his job but there is a time for everything, and his time is over in this case.
And there it is… 72 months. Six years behind bars, sort of. She’ll get credit for time served (about 10 months) and has the opportunity to knock 24 more months off her time if she’s a good little prisoner and doesn’t cause any trouble while she’s a guest of the State. I’m better at English than at math, but by my reckoning, that makes her eligible to walk in 38 months. So, she’ll be out for Christmas in 2015 and Ellen will still be dead.
I’ve said it before… if I ever get a mind to kill someone, I’ll do it in Port Angeles and I’m going to use a car. “Vehicular Homicide.” It sounds as though the car is guilty somehow, instead of the wasted drunk behind the wheel. 

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