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Posted by Ken Campbell October 17, 2008 0 Comment 771 views

A bit of a side track, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. I was in Port Townsend the other day and while I was there, I figured I’d like to find Sentinel Rock, the place where the Duke of York carried out his vigil during the time of tension with the Clallams. (I wrote about this chapter in Port Townsend history a few posts back.)
I don’t know what I was expecting, a bigger rock perhaps. What I found was a collection of smaller rocks on a high point overlooking what is now the driving range at the PT Golf Course. There is a statue of Chetzemoka and a plaque that commemorates the event placed on one of the stones. A large holly tree is encroaching on the rocks from the west side. The grass around the area is neatly groomed, like you might expect from a golf course.
It seems a bit odd to me, that a place so integral to the history of the town is simply a sideshow at the local links. But I guess that’s how history works. It’s everywhere.

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