A Fine mess

Posted by Ken Campbell March 3, 2010 2 Comments 918 views

It’s been a little over 2 years since I started this blog, mostly as a way to keep myself writing, even when I might not feel like doing so. Almost 400 posts to this point, some better than others. The actual writing is often done early in the morning and, because of the way the brain wakes up, the act itself can sometimes be a struggle with sensibility. I have learned quite a bit in the course of this exercise – about the Olympic peninsula, about the process of writing itself – but I know I still have a long way to go.

Writing anything is a solitary pursuit. Just me and a cup of tea here this morning, for example; I often forget that what I tap out on my keyboard is actually being read by anyone, at least until I get the occasional feedback. I know that there are millions of blogs out there and I hope that, on balance, this has been a good experiment for all involved.

With that said, I am going to the water.

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