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Posted by Ken Campbell November 3, 2010 0 Comment 870 views

The Last Wilderness is a collection of ramblings, more than anything else. It is not, and has never been, part of a focused marketing effort. I wanted it to be interesting, for me as well as for others; it was never designed to make money.

As readership has increased, however, I have started to get emails – a lot of emails – from online marketing vampires urging me to allow ads to be added to the site. They promise to be unobtrusive and selective, to “add value” to the site, both for readers and for myself. Forgive me if I remain unconvinced.

I despise most online advertising. The little blurbs on the side of the page, one-sentence tags with highlighted links, those are all right with me. They are easily ignored. But the banners at the top of the page that expand downward, or the dreaded pop-ups that dim the page entirely? These and their ilk should be banned and the individuals who create them should be called out publicly and monitored like sex offenders.

With that said – and out of the other side of my mouth entirely – I’d like to make a brief sales pitch to anyone out there looking for quality paddling wear. I’ve recently expanded my relationship with Kokatat, and am now the Kokatat dealer for the Tacoma area. In addition, the entire product line will be available at the Last Wilderness Store online as soon as the 2011 site is posted. (I’m shooting for Thanksgiving.) If you have questions or would like to receive a catalog, please call or email me any time.

Whew. That wasn’t so bad.

My hope is that, given time and effort, this venture will grow into a paddling shop. I mean, it could happen. Look for the online store page to grow as the months progress and hopefully some kind of actual store, a physical space, where paddlers can go to get the gear they really need. This is a big step – as is the relatively simple act of giving voice to such an idea – and I’m open to any input.

Now, back to the regular program.

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