A circumnavigation

Posted by Ken Campbell July 25, 2008 0 Comment 637 views
Back in 2006, a foursome of rowers from the University of Puget Sound became the first Americans to row across the Atlantic. Two of them, Jordan Hannsen and Greg Spooner, are currently preparing for a circumnavigation of the Olympic Peninsula.

They row a large boat, if it’s anything like the one they took across the pond. They are working when they’re out there.

Hanssen and Spooner are gearing up for their next really big trip, a 2011 expedition that is scheduled to cover about 7,000 miles between New York City and Nome, Alaska.

They are leaving from Gig Harbor on August 4th, and proceeding counter-clockwise around the peninsula. They’ll get back to Puget Sound from the coast using a network of rivers, most likely the Chehalis and the Black. The Olympic Peninsula is an island, after all; if this don’t prove it, I guess nothing will.

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