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Posted by Ken Campbell March 22, 2012 0 Comment 1131 views

Plantar fasciitis. Know what that is? I do. I have it and I can assure you that it doesn’t feel good. I could wax on and on about the what and the wherefore, or you can just look it up on the Wiki (here)… but the salient point is that it hurts. Some days more than others, but it’s always there, at least a little.
And then there’s the annoying skin splits at the fingertips. Cold weather and dry hands mean that I get deep cracks at the ends of a couple of my fingers, especially in winter. I’m going to take the pharmacist’s advice and superglue the tissue together when I get the chance, but I am only cautiously optimistic.
What else? Allergies? I’ve got those too. I’ve narrowed it down to red alder and bad hockey, but there may be others. (The alder makes me sneeze and the way the Habs are finishing out the year certainly makes my eyes water.) My back is sore a lot of the time too. I have some dry discs and missing facets down around L4 and L5 that give me trouble from time to time.
On the up side, my wrist is feeling better after last month’s construction injury. The torn rotator cuff is a whole lot better too, although there are continuing range-of-motion issues. Overall, however, it’s all survivable.
Pain is part of getting older, part of being active. It’s my body telling me that I’m still alive. It’s not debilitating, for the most part. Just a touch annoying. (The heel made me cut this morning’s paddle on the Foss a little bit short, for example, but I still went.) It will all work out, I am sure…

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