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Posted by Ken Campbell March 4, 2014 0 Comment 6732 views

I am not used to seeing the river like this. It rolls like muscle, looking heavy and fierce, covering the places that I know and changing the look of everything else to the point that I almost forget where I am. It is February, cruel and gray. The buds have not yet made their appearance […]

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Different songlines

Posted by Ken Campbell February 16, 2014 0 Comment 5915 views

(I was recently talking with someone who had never heard of “A River Runs Through It,” the classic fly-fishing, Montana, newspapery, wilderness story by Norman Maclean. He hadn’t even seen the movie which, although it wasn’t as good as the book (natch), still gave homage to the wonder of the mountain west and the many […]

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In the Wake of the Jomon

Posted by Ken Campbell December 29, 2013 0 Comment 9624 views

Ten or twelve millennia ago, give or take a few weekends, a great and momentous migration took place. From the temperate rainforests of what is present-day Japan, a group of intrepid travelers set out to find a new land. In dugout canoes that had been painstakingly carved with primitive stone tools they braved the storms and icy waters of the north Pacific and traversed the wild, glaciated coasts of Russia and Alaska. They ended up on the west coast of North America and, although positive proof of their progress from that time on is hazy, the fact that they made the trip is almost undeniable.

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New Release

A story of sea kayaking and science on the rugged coast of Alaska. Coming – Spring 2014.

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